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How time flew and unraveled mysteries.

I got my hands on this again and it’s kind of no common thing these days because Wifi has overshadowed this tech device. But something was funny about how our society accepted and used this.
I can’t forget the first computer literates who used to go about with flash drives hung on the neck as though it was a clothing accessory. Where the heck are you people now???
Lol. laugh before I’ll tell you because maybe at the end of my gist, it won’t be funny.
So my teacher use to seriously tell me/us that leaving a Modem/USB flash without covering it will make it contact virus. Jeez!! Where the hell did he learn that?? 
Oh! I remember one computer lesson in my primary school, the teacher taught us ways of preventing the PC from getting corrupt with virus. Number 1 point was;
1. Do not expose your computer to dust, always clean and dust the computer before and after use.
Way back, the computer virus was airborne. hahahahaha.
Good day internet lovers. Share in the comment section, mysteries you heard of the internet or tech devices. 

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